And into the fire крайний космос

Final Space

… and Into the Fire

Trapped in Final Space, The Team Squad confronts the horrors of Invictus and the Titans and now the only thing that matters is survival.

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Season 3

EP 1 … and Into the Fire

Trapped in Final Space, The Team Squad confronts the horrors of Invictus and the Titans and now the only thing that matters is survival.

EP 2 The Hidden Light

Gary and Quinn encounter Earth’s last survivor and search for a ship so that they can save the others lost in Final Space.

EP 3 The Ventrexian

Final Space is an intergalactic space saga about an astronaut named Gary and Mooncake. Follow their adventures as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of Final Space, the place where the entire universe ends.

EP 4 One of Us

Gary and Quinn plan a dangerous rescue mission to save Avocato and the others.

EP 5 All the Moments Lost

As the crew flees from the Lord Commander, they lighfold into the orbit of a mysterious Black Hole that threatens to crush them into oblivion.

EP 6 Change Is Gonna Come

Gary and the crew race to find a cure for Quinn’s Final Space poisoning, while Ash confronts Invictus. Meanwhile, Tribore and Quatronostro find out about a prophecy and journey to the great oracle Tim Belts.

EP 7 The Chamber of Doubt

As an infection grows within Bolo, the crew races to help before he’s lost to them forever.

EP 8 Forgiveness

The aftermath of losing one of the crew ripples through the team squad.

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EP 9 Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising

The crew heads to Earth in an attempt to activate the Hyper-Trans Dimensional Bridge but in order to do so they must make contact with someone on the other side of Final Space.

EP 10 Until the Sky Falls

Gary and Quinn go on a perilous mission to activate the Titan killing apparatus, while Avocato races to stop the Lord Commander’s ultimate transformation.

EP 11 The Dead Speak

The crew fights to survive a ship-wide invasion of possessed Garys.

EP 12 The Leaving

Long held secrets are revealed that will change the Team Squad forever.

EP 13 The Devil’s Den

A shattered Team Squad is left reeling as Gary and Avocato travel into Invictus’ inner sanctum for the final showdown.

Season 2

EP 1 The Toro Regatta

Gary is rescued from the wreckage of space then must earn his freedom by winning the deadliest race in the galaxy.

EP 2 The Happy Place

The crew gets trapped in a happy ship where things aren’t what they seem, and Gary must confront the human cost of having lost earth.

EP 3 The Grand Surrender

The search for a dimensional key leads the Crimson Light to Ash’s home planet. HUE hosts a bachelor party for an unexpected visitor.

EP 4 The Other Side

A collision with space time traps half of the Crimson Light in a perilous other dimension

EP 5 The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed

Gary reconnects with the mother who abandoned him. Mooncake misses Gary’s attention.


Final Thoughts S2 E1

Olan Rogers (Creator) and David Sacks (Executive Producer) walk through the difficult task of picking up from Season 1’s devastating finale. The crew introduces Final Space’s new cast members and Gary’s new ship.

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Final Thoughts S2 E3

The animation team discusses Ash’s troubled backstory and how they brought Serepentis to life.

Final Thoughts S2 E6

Olan and team discuss the origins of Final Space and introduce a new menacing force – Invictus.

Final Thoughts S2 E5

The production crew breaks down a pivotal episode where Gary find his mother.

Final Thoughts S2 E4

The creative team unpacks one of Season 2’s most mind-bending episodes.

Final Thoughts S2 E2

The crew walks through Season 2’s terrifying new villain and discusses Gary’s happy place.

Final Thoughts S2 E13

The crew discusses how memories and perspective inform the season finale.

Final Thoughts S2 E12

The crew explore Gary’s motivations during this pivotal episode.

Final Thoughts S2 E11

The creative team comments on the ship’s most deceitful member.

Final Thoughts S2 E10

Olan and team break down Gary’s pact with Little Cato and Sheryl’s troubling backstory.

Final Thoughts S2 E9

The Final Space crew discuss Chapter 19’s tragedy and the power of Invictus.

Final Thoughts S2 E8

Olan and team discuss the complexity of time travel and the joy of bringing back an old friend.

Final Thoughts S2 E7

Olan and team discuss Nightfall’s ill-fated romance and the horror behind more KVNs.

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